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The Edge - A Leader's Magazine - focuses on unique business leadership and entrepreneurial stories celebrating the best successes of all North Americans, including millennials and multicultural entrepreneurs.

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In the inspiration section of our magazine, we examine the ideas, habits, lessons and attitudes that will help you become your best. As an entrepreneur, or someone aspiring to quit the 9-to-5 daily grind in favour of the challenges of owning and running your own business, you will find our magazine content to be inspirational as well as practical.

The Edge Leader's Magazine is proud to go beyond the printed word, to present a number of Leadership Events throughout the year, to offer networking opportunities for young entrepreneurs. We aim to provide comprehensive interactive coaching and a wealth of information (along with valuable business contacts), to assist millennials and others on their unique roads to success and financial independence.

The annual Edge Business Startup Awards will be of great interest to millennials who are pursuing or thinking of pursuing an entrepreneurial venture. The awards celebrate and recognize impact and innovation, driving home the importance of strengthening the culture and spirit of entrepreneurship.

Influencers come to the fore from all corners of the globe; many do not seek the fame and recognition that comes with being a global influencer, but often circumstances conspire to bring an individual to the spotlight. Whether the first step was deliberately chosen or not, the steps that come after are the ones that determine the legacy. The Edge seeks to discover those leaders who blaze a new path in a multicultural, global setting, to profile their successes while dissecting their challenges.

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Every issue of The Edge incorporates stories to inspire young entrepreneurs, from exclusive interviews with industry leaders to how to's you can put to use for your business right now, and who to watch as the next up-and-coming startup.

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