Is Water Getting a Raw Deal?

Posted on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 at 9:30 am


Since its boom, Silicon Valley has worked to improve vital parts of society like transportation, retail and health. Now one company has set its sights on water. Yes, water.

Obscure health trends have gained popularity in recent years, with a select few, like the paleo diet, taking off. While many of these health trends have had a positive impact, the need to sell a product at a premium price can lead to the spread of misinformation.

Live Water

Live Water is a company that offers unfiltered, pure mountain spring water. They argue that the filtered and bottled water found on the market endures a sterilization process that removes many of the minerals while adding harmful chemicals. They claim that their product unlocks microbes in the stomach that aid with issues such as anxiety and weight gain. The founder has even been quoted as saying that tap water contains birth control drugs and mind-control agents.

Live Water costs more than $5 a gallon and sells in several natural foods stores. And it may grow in popularity in 2018.

Debunking Concerns

Zero Mass Water, a tech company that combats the hazards of water by directly distilling from atmospheric moisture, claims that the fluoride added to tap water is toxic. Fluoride in the drinking supply has proven to be an effective measure for oral health with no negative effects on the population, and fears about fluoride have been consistently debunked over the last 40 years.

It’s dangerous to assume all spring water is pure. Any outdoor enthusiast can tell you that most spring water needs to be treated prior to consumption.

Public Concern

People need to be careful about what they believe. It is far too easy for anyone to speak about the ills of something like tap water without proof. It’s also easy to share articles on social media without knowing whether the information is false. This isn’t an indictment of anyone, but rather a call for increased vigilance.

While it’s nice to toe the line and keep an open mind, water is a necessity for all humans, meaning that people shouldn’t have to overpay for it. While bottled water companies can also be criticized, clean tap water made accessible to communities should be promoted as safe and essential.

A Dangerous Trend

Raw vegetables have health merits supported by science. Raw water has yet to prove any benefit beyond profit. It’s hard to guarantee any source of water is pure, especially when wildlife treats it as their toilet, or chemical spills are rampant.

The problem with raw water is bigger than companies acting as snake oil salesmen. These campaigns of misinformation undermine true healthcare and wellbeing efforts made by governments, the medical community and companies who are offering products and services geared towards improving the health of their customers.

If the concern is mind-control, then the hope should be that science prevails and common sense rules the day. No one should pay $60 for a jug of water based on fake or inaccurate information.


Rob Shapiro | Contributing Writer

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